World TaeKwonDo Federation

The World TaeKwonDo Federation is the governing body for TaeKwonDo as recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The World Taekwondo Federation(WTF) is headquartered in the Kukkiwon, Yuksamdong, Kangnamku, Seoul, Korea since its foundation on May 28, 1973 at the inaugural meeting with participation of representatives from 19 countries.

As International Federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee it controls over 157 member nations along with four regional Taekwondo unions in respective continents.

The WTF Taekwondo has been adopted as a mandatory program of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games at the IOC Session held in Paris in September, 1994.

According to the Article 1 of the WTF Rules and Regulations Taekwondo is the traditional asset of the Korean culture. the WTF puts main operation to maintain Taekwondo's noble spirit and to disseminate the sport througout the world in the right way. It pursues to realize three sport ideals "Swiftly, Powerfully, Accurately" in its competition . On the other hand, such as Taekwondo philosophy, technical development and black belt promotion tests are processed by the Kukkiwon, the mecca of Taekwondo in the world.

The WTF organizes Men's & Women's World Taekwondo Championships and World Junior Taekwondo
Championships regularly in two year term and cultivates International Referees by holding International Referee Seminars. Among about 10 multi-sport Games where taekwondo is included as an official sport is Asian Games as well as other international competitions such as World University Taekwondo Championships, World Military Taekwondo Championship and World Cup Taekwondo.

The WTF compose of the Executive Council with President, 5 Vice presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, 15 members and 4 ex-officio members from 4 regional unions. It operates 11 sub-committees, including Technical Committee, Games Committee and Refereeing Committee.

Emblem of the WTF symbolizes the 5 oceans and the 6 continents along with Taekwondo man in the globe, which is protected from being used illegally by any means as is a property of the WTF Headquarters of the WTF is located in Seoul permanently as stipulated in its Rules & Regulations and official languages are English, French, German, Spanish and Korean.

The WTF brings its all solidified efforts to spread over the technical knowledge to the member nations as well as to maintain its its Olympic status continuously even after the Sydney one.

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