Dr Un Yong Kim

Dr Un Yong Kim, has been the President of the World TaeKwonDo Federation since its formation in 1973. Through his capable leadership, TaeKwonDo has been accepted into the Olympic Program.

Name :  Mr. Un Yong, Kim
Date of birth : 19 March, 1931
Current Position : The Committee member of IOC, 
the President of GAISF, 
The President of Korean National Athletic Association, 
The President of World Federation of Tae Kwon-Do, 
The Head of Kukkiwon, 
an M.P.
Address :  #2801 River Tower, 61-5, Yoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-ku, Seoul, Korea
Academic Career
1960 Feb. -  Bachelor of Politics, University of Yonsei
1961 Dec. - Master of politics, University of Yonsei
1963 Sept. - A doctors degree at University of Yonsei
1961  A protocol secretary of the head of cabinet
1962  Lecturer at Dongduk Women's University
1963 Councilor at the Embassy of Korea in America, Councilor to the Korean mission to the United Nations and the Embassy of Korea in U.K.
1965 The Korean representative to the 20th United Nations General Assembly
1971 The President of the Association of Tae Kwon-Do in Korea
1973 The President of the World Federation of Tae Kwon-Do
1974  the Vice-President of Korean National Athletic Association, Vice Chairman and the director in charge of general affairs of KOC
1982  Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1985  Vice Chairman of the organizing committee of Seoul Olympics and Asian Olympics
1986 A member of IOC and the chairman of IOC TV
1986 The President of GAISF
1989 An honorary president of the organizing committee of Olympics in Korea
1990 A member of Peace Award Committee in Seoul
1990  A presidential envoy
1992  The Vice-President of IOC
1993 The President of KSC, Chairman of KOC
1994  The President of the organizing committee of Winter U in Mooju and Chunju
1995  The President of the organizing committee of Winter Asian 1997 and Asian Game 2002
1995 The President of the organizing committee of Winter Asian 1999
1996  Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1996 Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (International Athletics Exchange)
1996 A presidential envoy
1997 Advisor to the Unification Advisory Committee
2000 Standing Advisor to the Democratic Party
2000 Standing Advisor to Advisory Committee of the Democratic Party
2000 A member of the National Assembly
2000 Advisor to the Democratic Party
Korean Decoration Wharang-Mugong Decoration, 
Wharang Eunsung-Mugong Decoration,
Hwang Cho Geun-Jung Decoration, 
Athletics Decoration, 
National Decoration-Moranjang
Foreign Decoration Italy Knight Decoration, 
Belgium Merit Decoration, 
France Merit Decoration, 
Spain National Decoration, 
Monaco Athletics Decoration, 
Philippines Presidential Decoration
Award National Athletics Merit Award, 
Yonsei Award, 
Seoul Cultural Award, 
Kyongdong Award, 
Euro Sports Award
Languages English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German
Books Great Olympics(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese), Going for the World
Pastime Piano
Sports Tae kwon-Do, Judo, Track and field, Boxing, Golf

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