TaeKwonDo Logo's - the Meaning thereof?

The KTA, WTF and Kukkiwon logos

The Jumeok is also in the center of the Korea TKD Assn logo

We learned through our study of the Kukkiwon Kodanja poomse and also through the Modern History book that the three kwans
most responsible for Kukki Taekwondo's development were the Chung Do Kwan, Chang Moo Kwan and Jidokwan. The Chang
Moo Kwan is represented by the poomse Chon Kwon, the Chung Do Kwan by Hansu, and the Jidokwan by Ilyo. These are the three
highest of the Kukkiwon poomse.

The KTA, WTF and Kukkiwon logos also recognize the contributions of those three Kwans. The Korea Taekwondo Association logo has in its center the fist emblem of the Chung Do Kwan. Two of the other five original Kwans (Song Moo Kwan and Moo Duk Kwan) also use this fist emblem, which makes sense, since the founders of those two schools were at one point or another members of the Chung Do Kwan.

The World Taekwondo Federation logo is made up of two mirrored kickers, and this parallels the logo of the Chang Moo Kwan, with its
two mirrored dragon design. The Kukkiwon logo is made up from a series of eight circles within circles, and if you look closely, you can
see a great similarity with the Jidokwan's figure 8 logo. These three logos were for many years placed on the Kukkiwon dan certificates,
as a testimony of the unification of Taekwondo and the influence of those Kwans.

Thanks to Master Glenn for his work!

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