Time Limit between Examinations 

                  10th Gup & 9th Gup  -  Grading may be taken at two monthly  intervals.

                8th Gup to 6th Gup    -  Grading may be taken at three monthly intervals.

                5th Gup to 3rd Gup    -  Grading may be taken at four monthly  intervals

                 2nd Gup & 1st Gup   -  Grading may be taken at six monthly intervals.

                 1st Gup to Chodan     -  A candidate must hold the grade of 1st Gup for one full
                                                     year before applying for Chodan.

                 Chodan to Yidan        -  Minimum of two years.

                 Yidan to Samdan        -  Minimum of three years.

                 Samdan to Sadan        -  Minimum of four years.

                 Sadan to Ohdan          -  Minimum of five years.

                 Ohdan to Yookdan      -  Minimum six years

The chart simply illustrates the grades obtainable at tests. An attendance rate of 70% is a minimum eligibility requirement for tests. Dan and Gup grades are not themselves the object - they are a guide to progress only.

The official Kukkiwon policy is that 1st-5th Dan holders are "Masters", and 6th-10th Dan holders are "Grandmasters". You don't need to do anything to use these titles.

However, if you wish to be considered an "Instructor" or "Master Instructor", you must take the Kukkiwon Instructor's Course and pass the test. When you do that, you get a certificate certifying you as an "Instructor" or a "Sabum". 1st-3rd Dan holders can take the course and will receive a Certificate of Completion, but if you want that Instructor certification, you must be a Kukkiwon 4th Dan holder and pass the test.

For your interest this is the Titles and Grades of ITF Taekwon-Do

In Taekwon-Do character development, fortitude, tenacity, and technique are graded as well as individual capacity The promotional scale is divided into nineteen ranks -10 grades (Gups) and nine degrees (Dans.) The former begins with 10th grade (Gup) the lowest and ends at first grade. Degrees begin with the first degree (Dan) and end with the ultimate ninth Degree.

Degrees are further divided into three distinct classes. First through third degree is considered the novice stages of black belt. Students are still merely beginners in comparison to the higher degrees. At fourth degree, the student crosses the threshold of puberty and enters the expert class Seventh through ninth is composed of Taekwon-Do masters - the elite who fully understand all the particulars of Taekwon -Do, mental and physical.

1-3 Degree - Black Belt
4-7 Degree - Advanced Black Belt
7-8 Degree - Master
9 Degree - Grandmaster

minimum - Training period between Degrees
to grade to 2 Degree    - 2 years
"    "       "   3      "      - 3 years
"    "       "   4     "       - 4 years

9th Degree is more of an honorary position than anything else.

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