Nakbup - Breakfalls

Nakbup (Safe ways of falling down) of Taekwondo   - Ryu Jin MA Center(2001/04/23)

Here are some kinds of fall that can be useful for Taekwondo.

1. Forward Fall

Make up a triangle with your open hands and then fall forward. The moment your hands touch the floor, turn your face left- or rightward. It won't hurt much even for beginners or women if they practice this on bended knees.

2. Jump Forward Fall

This is the combination of jumping with the forward fall. When jumping, lift the knees to take a frog-like posture. Then stretch out the legs and fall. This frog-like posture keeps you balanced and unhurt.

3. Backward Fall

Sit and cross two hands inside legs. Jump up backward and fall. At this moment, stretch arms out as widely as possible and the moment your back touches the floor, slap the floor. Caution: put your chin tight to the chest so that the neck doesn't go over back.

4. Side Fall

For right side fall, put your right hand on the belt and lift both right hand and foot up leftward diagonally and turn your body diagonally. At this moment, the upper body falls on the right side, when you should slap the floor with your right hand.

5. Turning Fall

From Junbi (Ready) posture, put your right foot forward and left hand beside the right foot. Put your eyes on the left shoulder. Enter your right hand between left hand and right foot, and your shoulder bone touches the floor, and your body turns and rolls. Keep right shoulder bone and left hip straight in rolling.

6. Jump Turning Fall

Jump and execute the turning fall. When you jump, keep your head rolled into the chest; otherwise, the jumping height gets lower, which brings you bigger impact after turning.

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